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Name:Ellen Maharet Anscombe
Birthdate:Nov 3
Location:United States of America

The journey goes far back...


Ellen Anscombe is a student of anthropology and archaeology, with her work focused mainly, but not exclusively, on ancient Egypt. Her scholarly works on the subject tend to be exhaustive for their small, for now, scope, but occasionally almost revolutionizing the interpretation of certain finds. Her relatively young-age prominence (she has not yet completed her doctorate, even if her practical experience is more than sufficient) is attributed to the training and exposure that her father, the British archaeologist prof. Edward Anscombe, has raised her with.

Socially, she is very open, friendly, and active. Fond of organizing and attending parties of all ilks and descriptions; with the added twist that nothing terrible happens on the parties she is at. Nothing permanent. As if all attendees are protected.

She travels a lot, keeping in touch with her various friends, looking for the right place to complete the next level of her education.
And she may have found the place where she needs to be, in Monterey, California. Possibly.

Hathor. Born today.

The Queen of Heavens. The Lady of the West.

The Greeks later called her Aphrodite. In Byzantium, the hetaerae's name possibly came from memories of her worship.
She was the living queen, reigning by Haru's side; the goddess of love, of music and dance. The one whom both men and women could devote their lives to.
And one whose blind fury everybody would fear.

She has been born again, through time. And her life is in the West. Ordinary... almost.

The OOC: I am not the Egyptian goddess Hathor. I am not Ellen Anscombe, who is a totally fictional character. And I am not Quiana Grant or Kemp Muhl, the lovely women whose images I use to portray Ellen and Hathor, respectively.
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