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Character info sheet

Full Name:
Ellen Maharet Anscombe
Nicknames: Ellen, El, Chancy. With a few close friends, Singer.
Birthdate: November 2, 1985
Age: 23
Phobias/Fears: Deception
Intolerances/Annoyances: Injustice, inflicted intentionally.
Quirks/Habits: Reads a lot. Tends to watch things for a while sometimes before joining in the activity (though when she does, it's completely). When she's certain of her perception (and that would be, preternatural perception), she's prone to cutting issues right to the substance.

Most of her schooling was around her mother's university locales; however, she spent a year (including schooling) in Britain, and many summers (and other vacations) around various archaeology digs and sites.
Occupation: Currently, collecting information and ... something. New publishing materials before she starts on her doctorate.
Sexuality: Generous.
Finance: Good enough, but she doesn't like to stay idle, so she's working.
Home: Generally the DC area, though she travels a lot.

Mother: Marion Ebio: Professor of Statistics in a DC university. Father: Edward Anscombe: Archaeologist specializing in Egyptian
Siblings: A brother and a sister on her father's side (Frederick and Elizabeth), quite a bit younger (10 and 13, respectively, currently). Occasionally spends some time with them, either in England or, when arranged and they are with their father, around the various excavation locations.
Spouse/Serious Lover: To be determined ;)
Marital Status: For now... single
Children: None yet

5' 10"
Build: Slender
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black, curly
Defining marks: No tattoos, ear piercings. Bright smile a lot of the time. All the time, bright eyes.
Dress Style: Casual to formal. She likes to dress up. Except if she's on a digging location, when her clothing is completely practical.

The Character Physically

1. What is the character's stature and build? Is she overweight? Thin? What is her height and weight?

She's tall and slender. Five feet ten inches tall... dress size four.

2. How old is she?

Twenty-three currently. Technically / identity, quite a bit older. In the thousands of years.

3. Describe her posture. Is it good? Does she carry himself well? Is she crooked? Straight?

She carries herself upright and proud, with elegance and confidence. Very straight, and usually with a smile on her face.

4. Is she in good shape or out of condition? Is she muscularly weak or strong?

Good shape, actually, although not particularly muscular.

5. How is her health? Any illnesses or conditions? Any physical disabilities?

Healthy. She almost never gets ill (although when she does, as often with people like that, she may be actually bed-ridden for months. It's usually newer flu strains that do it, too). She's broken a leg, once on a site (she was about 11 and got distracted) and after that tends to be extremely careful... or rather, precise in her movements.

6. Is she physically active or sedentary? A fast or slow mover?

Moderately active. There are days, or weeks, when she's reading, mostly - but even they are occasionally broken by socializing (including dancing). On a dig/site, she's all over the place. Not boisterously, irritatingly active, just ... at all places.

7. Is she clumsy, awkward, graceful?

Graceful. Precise motions, and yet smooth. She's pleasing to the eye and knows it, and emphasizes that with the way she moves and behaves. Joy to watch.

8. Does she move in straight or curved lines? Is she physically tight or fluid?

That really depends. Slightly curved lines, most often. A straight line, despite what is said, isn't always the fastest, shortest, or even best way to get from point A to point B (literally or figuratively). And her motions are fluid.
Unless she's very angry. In that case, she cuts across distances, and her motions are very, very tight.

9. What are her chief efforts?

Occasionally frequenting archaeological digs. Usually not as a principal participant, more like an observer, but she does her share of the work too. (She is more interested in explaining what is found and steering awareness to what was and how it was really, than finding the items themselves. But she would rather know what was found, so she can use it to publish works accordingly.) She's also a party girl, very skilled at organizing them (that's activity!) and keeping them up. Dancing.

10. Is the character good-looking, pretty, beautiful, average, plain, ugly, disfigured?

Very good looking. And she knows it.

11. Is the character aware of herself physically? Her looks?

Yes, she is. She knows that personal appearance these days is way more important than it was in the past, as well as personal impressions - so she works to make the best of hers.

12. Describe her complexion and skin. Dark, light, clear, marked?

Dark, clear skin. Physically, she takes after her (African-American) mother way, way more than her blond, blue-eyed British father.

13. Describe her hair, coloring, styling. Is it taken care of?

Dark, long, curly hair. Styled with care, usually very appropriate for the rest of what she's showing up as. Rich hair. As with the rest of her appearance, she's aware of it and using it effectively.

14. How is her usual dexterity? Does she have good hands: Can she do things? Is she a worker?

She is moderately good with her hands. Some things, the ones she's interested in, she's good at. Mostly the work done at digs. And the musical instruments she's mastered (castanets , piano, guitar. She misses her sistrum, but that would be way too conspicuous; sometimes, she uses the piano to reproduce some of the sound sequences of the past; the results are usually startling.)

15. Is she physically tense or relaxed, nervous, controlled?

Not tense, but precise and controlled. One rarely doubts that at any moment, she knows what she's doing. And yet the motions are fluid enough to give almost the impression of languid relaxation, of being comfortable.

16. What are her chief tension centers?

Hands and fingers. Eyes.

17. What part of her body would you notice first?

Body posture/bearing. Face.

18. Describe her basic gravity factor. Is there a downward pull or buoyancy?

Medium gravity pull. She's even, gliding around almost, except for when dancing, when she can be rather bouncy. Not stooped and pulled downwards too much either.

The Character's Clothes

1. How much clothes does this character have?

Plenty. She likes to dress for the occasion. And she likes to dress up. Daily clothing isn't sports; it's casual, and it's always pretty-to-elegant. That said, when traveling she's able to pack up relatively lightly. (If she ends up not having what she needs, she'll buy it. And does.)

2. What items are in her wardrobe?

Almost anything, really. From sweatpants and shorts and t-shirts for digs, to skirts, dresses, blouses, gowns, and coats for formal occasions, and what-not in-between, she has... just about everything.

3. What are her favorite articles of clothing?

A turquoise long gown, present from her father. A red day skirt-suit, present from her mother.

4. What colors are the clothes? Is there a wide range? Bright or dull? What are her favorite colors to wear?

Varied colors. Mostly, but not exclusively, bright. (Khaki and tan and dull green for excavation site clothes). Very little is black. Favorite colors - turquoise, red, purple. Clothes of good fabrics with shifting colors are also well-favored (silk, taffeta, etc.)

5. Are her clothes bright or dull?

Again, mostly bright.

6. Were they bought or home-made, hand-me-downs, expensive?

Good quality. Bought. Probably expensive, but not flashy expensive - just quality expensive. (oh yes, they can be shiny. Just not unstylishly flashy.)

7. What is one of her favorite items to wear?

The red suit from her mother.

8. Do her clothes fit well?

Oh yes, very.

9. Is she comfortable in what she wears? Does she "fight" her clothes?

She's very comfortable in what she wears. She chooses clothes for that first, and appearance second. Since the appearance is good, the fit is even better.
She hasn't fought with her clothes since before she turned fourteen.

10. Is she confident about the way she dresses, or uneasy?

Confident. With good reason.

11. Does she care for her clothes? Keep them up and neat? Is she worried about how they look?

She cares for her clothes; although few items are retained for too long. Since she often purchases new things, she regularly donates older ones. But she's a neat person enough to make sure they are in good condition. But no, she's not worried about how they look. She knows they're good.

12. Does she have to dress a certain way because of her job or position? If so, do her usual clothes fit her real, basic character?

Her work allows leeway enough so she can choose freely; and yet for some things, she definitely opts for the clothing that's 'recommended'. She has a very keen sense of where things belong, and how, so showing up in knee-length skirt at an excavation site is not going to happen.
Inasmuch as she's joyful, (most of the time) easy, graceful person, yes, they do fit her character.

13. Does she dress according to a self image of herself? Is that self image conscious or unconscious? At what age was this self image made?

Partly... yes. It's an image built up over thousands of years, so at times it's a bit eclectic, but she never hesitates choosing, not knowing whether she'll wear a certain item or not.

14. What kind of underwear does she wear?

Hah. What kind of underwear she wears (when she does) is for people she's interested in to discover.

The Character's Voice

1. Does she speak in a high or low pitch voice? When might it be higher than usual? When lower?

Her voice is relatively high-pitched, in a feminine, warm sort of way - not shrill or irritating. A well-modulated soprano. It goes lower and huskier in... passionate moments. When furious, it sharpens and goes a bit lower too, but it's not possible to mix up the two.

2. Is she a loud or soft talker?

Medium. You can hear her well enough, but she's rarely loud.

3. Is there a wide range in the voice in volume, pitch and/or quality, or is the voice pretty consistent and even?

Medium range in volume, widish range in pitch, medium range (at the high end of the scale) for quality. It's a consistent voice, though not even, it's... expressive. Sensual.

4. Is there good resonance to her voice? Is the voice throaty, chesty, heady, nasal?

Reasonably good resonance, yes. It's a voice that can carry, when she sings. Ummm. Throaty / heady voice.

5. Is there tension in the voice? Anxiety? Emotion?

Tension and anxiety, seldom. Emotion, often. Excitement, too.

6. Is there an accent? Anything unusual in pronunciation? Emphasis? Phrasing?

Not... much of an accent. Occasionally, especially after she's spent time with her father and his family, she may favor a British accent for a while, but mostly for entertainment/cheerful purposes, rather than better-than-you ones. She only needs a very small encouragement to lapse into a slightly archaic pattern of speech, which most people reason probably comes from the books she spends plenty of time with.

7. Is it a trained voice, or just natural?

Somewhat trained. Since she's loved singing since a young age, her mother signed her up for lessons, along with the piano.

8. Does the character "try" to speak well or just "how it comes out"?

How it comes out... more or less.

9. Is the speech clear or muddy? Does she mumble? Is she distinct?

Clear and distinct. Sometimes, she doesn't say all that much, but when she does, she means it to be heard.

10. Is the voice comforting or irritating? Reassuring or disturbing?

Somewhat comforting. Cheering. Not disturbing. Unless she's really angry, that is, but most people don't get to hear that, ever (those who do, well. They may end up fearing her, slight whisp of a girl that she is).

11. Is she self-conscious when she speaks to others? How large a group could she speak to before she became self-conscious?

She's not self-conscious when speaking to others. Somewhere, she has the memories of being worshiped, and loved, and feared, by an entire people - and that helps her to be very confident in such situations. However, she prefers first capturing the minds of her audience with what she's prepared (articles/books, visual materials) and then using the speech as mostly leaving a mark, a distinct, long-term memory, rather than relying on the speech to do it all.

The Character's Mind

1. Is the character smart, dumb, naive?

She's smart, although not the range of people who are so clever that they can't help flaunting it. She may leave the impression of being naive, but she isn't (although it is possible to deceive her, especially when upset and/or angry). Still, she'd rather trust if she doesn't have enough information than otherwise. She is slow to judge people, rather welcoming them around her first. (When she does judge, however, the consequences may be major.)

2. Does she think quickly? Slowly? Is she quick-witted? Dull?

She thinks quickly, and she tends to favor thinking before speaking or acting - unless it is something she is certain of her actions in. She's a party girl, a social girl, and as such, quick-witted and funny.

3. What kind of education has she had?

Master's, and is breaking a bit before going for a doctorate.

4. What subjects does the character have knowledge or expertise in?

Music, social interactions, ancient Egyptian history (more than she lets on until she can prove her statements with actual finds), general anthropology/history/archaeology knowledge picked up around her father, mathematics and statistics picked up around her mother. As a teacher's/professor's child, her view of certain social circles is a bit special, too. She's always curious and learning about the contemporary world.

5. Is the character impulsive or deliberate in reaching conclusions? Is she logical, rational, or emotional?

About some things, she's impulsive (call it intuition or hunches - she has them.) Often, she's rational, but far from coldly so.

6. Does she think out things before she speaks or can she "think on her feet" as she is speaking?

She can think on her feet very very well, but she does prefer thinking things through before speaking about them.

7. Does she have contemplative times? What does she think about when alone?

Ah. Yes. She travels a lot, and whether driving or flying, that's a time of contemplation. The topics may range from the latest reading stuff to recalling and reliving the past, and merging knowledge from the past and present into behaving like a 'well-adjusted' person. An accepted person.

8. Is she an idealist? A pragmatist? A dreamer? An idea woman? An action woman?

She is... a mix. A part of her dreams of the times past, where things were as she and hers wished them to be, and when the rules were theirs to make and change. And yet she is well aware that it isn't possible. So ... what she does is try to... enlighten people about how things really were. Partly through her scholarly work (always fully based on information that has been uncovered and is provable), and partly through introducing some, minor but interesting, traditions to her social circle. Generally, she is not an action woman as in combative (except when angry). But she works towards and most often realizes her ideas.

9. Is her life motivated chiefly by abstract ideals or practical rewards?

Abstract ideas. Love, joy, justice (things belonging to their places/owners, for example) mostly.

The Character's Emotions and Personality

1. Is she an introvert or an extrovert?

Extrovert, but not at the extremity.

2. Does she get along well with people? Does she have charm? Are people attracted to her? Does she like people?

She gets along with people fine, as long as they don't try to appropriate what doesn't belong to them, or any other blatant... injustice. She's charming and merry and vivacious, and very interesting to talk with since she always has not-ordinary topics to converse on. Some people are attracted by her; few are repulsed (unless they happen to encounter her when furious, in which case all bets are off - but chances are that she has her own attraction when that angry too). She loves people and spending time around people. As a child, she'd sneak someplace with a gathering of some sort and stick around, quiet and keeping away from being underfoot, just because she liked it. Especially parties, or good working places. Or places with singing and dancing.

3. Does she have many friends? Any close friends?

She has plenty of friends - both people who consider her their friend, and people she can rely on. Close friends, three or four, depending how close one of them is to two of the rest (that varies). But they're used to her independence too, with her traveling around world so much. (Actually, one of them is from Egypt, his father having been a trusted aid to her father for a few years while they were in their early teens.)

4. Is she hot-blooded or cool-headed?

Both. Most of the times, she's cheerful, merry, bright, level-headed. Unless she's in a rage - that only happens rarely and with very deep reasons (bound up with loyalty and dependence) - because then she's very, very hot and dangerous.

5. Does she have a narrow or wide range of emotions? Do they show often?

Wide range. Crushing grief isn't a frequent occurrence, but blinding, dangerous rage has been known to happen, as well as exhilarating joy and happiness, as well as deep, positive emotion.

6. Does she indulge in emotional peaks, outbursts, or valleys? Often?

Indulge, no. But they happen. Well, she may be outburst-y joyous sometimes, but the real danger is in the downs. Happily, they don't happen very often at all.

7. Would you say she is basically sensitive or calloused?


8. Is she suspicious, cautious, trusting, or naive about new people or situations?

Trusting, but her 'intuition' tends to be very, very good. Most of the time.

9. Is she an aggressive or reactive person? Is she a pusher or a puller?

Hmm. Active, but when there's a strong organizer nearby, she's content to fall back into reactive/behind-the-scenes/obedient position. She's a puller.

10. Does she take positive or negative action?


11. In a danger or emergency situation would she go to it or run away from it?

That entirely depends on the situation. Some things, she'd run away from just because a confrontation is unnecessary. Some things, she'll definitely stand up for and then bear the consequences with dignity.

12. Is the character basically nervous or calm?

Calm, cheerful.

13. Does the character have a sense of humor? Does she appreciate jokes? Can she see humor in unfunny situations? Can she laugh at himself?

Definitely has a sense of humor. She appreciates and makes jokes all the time, and is the first person to laugh at herself. Some unfunny situations she takes in stride and makes light of. Others she can slaughter down to shreds, verbally.

14. Can she tell a funny story or joke? Do others find her amusing?

Ohyeah. She's the heart of the company, at any party.

15. Is she a practical joker? What is her opinion of tricks or jokes played on other people?

She's not too much of a practical joker, although she may do it, as long as she's certain it won't harm anybody. And the rest of the question - depends on the joke and who's making it and with what intent.

16. Is her humor ever cruel?

Not very much at all.

17. Under what conditions could she be harmful or mean or cruel to another person?

When she perceives that the other person has performed some injustice, and/or she flies into a rage.

18. Is she a loving person? Is she full of love and giving or rather bound and tight in this area? Is she capable of relation to others in a loving way? Is she capable of relating to one specific person in a romantic way?

She is the personification / incarnation of the goddess of love. So, yes, she is very much a loving person. Might be occasionally whimsical and may seem random, but she is in fact very warm and loving. Giving, generous, connecting with people. And yes, she's very much capable of relating to one person in a romantic way. And having them relate to her so, too.

19. Is she loved by any other people? In what way?

Both parents and both siblings, and even her stepmother care about her very much.

20. Is she romantically in love now? With whom? Is this a happy, rewarding or frustrating situation for her?

Not... per se. The current incarnation has fallen in love once, but was thoroughly dissatisfied with the experience because she recalls a much deeper, stronger connection that the goddess knew.

The Character's Wealth, Power, and Influence

1. Does this person have much money? Does it provide position or respect from others for her?

She is financially comfortable. She doesn't aim directly to use the money for position or respect; however, the social events that she organizes (as well as her publications, if she needs to finance them herself) have a way of working out as her affecting some people's opinions. Purely by persuasion, example, etc.

2. Is she generous or selfish with her money and possessions?

Generous. She also donates used clothes after she purchases new ones.

3. Is the character socially prominent? Is she prominent from wealth, position or office, family history, ability or accomplishment?

Her works are respected, but she's way too young for actual prominence.

4. Does the character rate high in the "pecking order" with her household? Town? Area? Nation? World?

Not in the present time, no. In the past, she was the living queen, with only the living king above her, and he was also bound to her in other ways.

5. Does this person wield much clout? Over whom and by what means?

Not now. Except if you happen across her path when she's really angry.

6. Can she command others to do her bidding, by word or manipulation?

By manipulation and - more often - persuasion. And charm. Yes.

7. How does she get his wishes daily?

She works towards them.

8. To whom is she subservient? Is this submission willing or unavoidable?

Currently, to her parents, and to the currently responsible people at the excavation sites. Respectively, professors, etc. that she needs to work with. And the submission is mostly (well, fully, but they don't tend to know it) willing.

The Character's Activities

1. How does the character spend her time?

Research, both through books and actually going to digs/sites. Writing. Socializing, parties. And getting between places, traveling is something that takes up a chunk of her time.

2. What does her daily routine consist of?

Entirely depends on where she is. But her day always must hold communication with people - even if she's on a days' worth of a drive, she'll stop at a gas station or a restaurant in a small town or something and chat up the cashier, if there's nothing else available.

3. What is her profession or work?


4. What things does she really like to do?

Spend time with people. Have fun. Get a little drunk, watch people get a little (or even a bit more) drunk. Encouraging affection (to her mother's relief, she outgrew outright matchmaking after she started college; there were about four rather trying years for Marion up till then).

5. What things does she hate to do?

Idle. In mind, speech, and action all the time (one is enough to keep her content). Spend too much time alone.

6. What are her leisure time activities? Pastimes? Recreation?

Socializing. In most form and sizes, but preferably friendly. Learning about the present (she tends to follow the news and especially editorials, still fascinated at how the 'now' works). Occasionally, she goes to the spa - preferably with friends. And yes, occasionally sex is found to be a recreating activity as well.

7. Does she play games? What kind?

Just about anything that she's been taught, plus a number of games remembered from days long past. Not too many, since then she usually blessed the newborn, and then interacted with adults mostly - but she recalls some.

8. Does she like to eat or drink? How important to her are food and drink?

She takes pleasure in both food and drink. But inebriation is her domain... and she quite enjoys it. More often observing the merriment (she tends to keep things under control, for those who are attending her parties) than getting very drunk herself. Although once it starts, she's partaking of it all too.

9. How important is sex to her? What sexual activities does she partake in? Anything unusual?

Healthily important. Sex is one way to express love, to touch love, and she doesn't underestimate it. That said... she's more prone to arranging / assisting others to fully enjoy it than jump headfirst unless she's certain in the desirability - on both sides. Often, sex with her is its own kind of celebration. She's also prone to going at it... somewhat luxuriously. Especially scent-wise, if no other luxuries can be immediately arranged.

10. Is her exactitude about sex healthy or disturbing to her? Is sex a rewarding, enriching part of this person's life or is it frightening, anxious, or frustrating? Is sex a positive or negative factor in her life?

Oh healthy. Rewarding, enriching - she makes sure it's always a positive experience and a positive factor. She has plenty enough ways to discourage unwelcome advances.

The Character's Favorite Things

1. Colors?
Turquoise, red.
2. Food? Chocolate, definitely. A few other choice things that are also considered aphrodisiacs.
3. Drinks? Beer, wine. Coffee.
4. Smells? Lotus, plumeria, freesia, orchid. Hyacinth. Each when mixed with a touch of musk is even better.
5. Time of day? Evening, and the gentle of the night.
6. Season of the year? Summer.
7. Books? Anything and everything.
8. Kinds of literature? Again, anything and everything. A lot of the books she reads are for learning and catching up with things. Keeping up to date with what has been uncovered ans what mistakes have been made about it. But she'll pick up a fantasy/science fiction novel just as readily.
9. Authors? The top three on the bestsellers list at any time.
10. Places to visit? Dendera. Always.
11. Kinds of music? Anything to dance freely on. Music with plenty of repercussion.
12. Musical Instruments? Castanets, piano, guitar. Overall... Sistrum. Merat necklace.
13. Composers? ... she doesn't often get that individual, but. Paco de Lucia... Schuman.
14. Metals: gold, iron, copper, pewter, etc.? Gold
15. Building materials: stone, wood, clay, tile, etc.? Stone, clay
16. Fabrics; silk, wool, linen, etc.? Linens, silks
17. Pieces of furniture? Armchairs
18. Plants? Sycamore tree, barley (as something beer is made of, of course)
19. Flowers? Lotus
20. Trees? Sycamore
21. Birds? Falcon, hawk
22. Animals? Cow
23. Miscellaneous? Malachite, turquoise, desert
24. Modern Fairytale? The ones she helps create

Character's Religion

1. What are her specific religious beliefs? Does she belong to a specific sect or creed? Does she advocate that group's beliefs?

Not belonging to a sect or creed in somebody else... per se. She does miss the order of things as they used to be, once upon a time, but the past is gone. She is quite aware enough to see no sense in trying to bring it back. She does, however, take meticulous care trying to explain truths about how it used to be, especially to those interested in the past where she reigned, rather than leave them stumbling in the dark and misinterpreting things.

2. How important is religion to her?

It no longer exists. But it used to be very very important.

3. Is she pious, devout?

In the devotions she has (to people, and to the one reigning even over her), yes.

4. In what religious activities does she engage? What percentage of her time is devoted to it?

As in, justice, celebrations, and lovemaking? ... as much as she can.

5. How does religion motivate her actions or affect them?

Her aim is to bring a little more joy to people. A little more truth. A little more just balance. So, it motivates her actions deeply and permanently. Just not fanatically.

Character's Fears

1. What things frighten her?

The solitude of the past so completely gone. Being trapped in her mind by her own rage and zealousness. Deception.

2. Is she motivated by fear?

Not much at all.

3. To what extent is she motivated; never, occasionally, usually, constantly?

She is motivated - she remembers too much, of everything, to have any place in her mind to go that doesn't drive her forward.

4. What would this character think were the three most terrible things that could happen to her?

Die off completely. Allow injustice to completely overrun and rule humanity. Lose love.

5. What would she think were the three most wonderful things that could happen to her?

Belong and be belonged to again, personally and... theologically. Preside over another of her celebrations, as they used to be made, with sistra and everything.

6. What is the one thing she doesn't want anyone to find out about her?

Anyone? No, there are those she cannot truly hide from, not forever, so wanting to is futile and counterproductive. Everyone? That she is indeed more than a girl in her mid-twenties with a lot of knowledge about the ancient world and a great talent for organizing and running parties, of any description, flawlessly.
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