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RP for [profile] too_manysecrets and probably eventually [profile] antsolutely. Backdated to the week after this.

Hathor had studied the spell. Forwards and backwards. She understood the words involved; she understood the power weaving involved, after a fashion. But she was at a loss as to why what she had seen back in DC had happened.
And as to how to fix it. Or even how to speed up Heru's recovery.

She was positive that he was growing stronger. Very very slowly, but he was. However... he wasn't waking yet. And she was growing even more frightened. Helpless.

The old book was too much to carry around. Very carefully, she excised the spell (it was too dangerous to have two copies of it lying around) from it, and was carrying it with herself, safe in a leather-bound notebook in her purse. Just in case.

But in the end, she fell back on Ellen's activities while she wasn't keeping vigil over Heru. And that included a lecture scheduled at the linguistics university by Peter Torkarov, the variety of which had caught at her attention.

She left home at the latest possible time; got there shortly before the lecturer. Sat close to the middle of the lecture hall, and prepared to try to listen carefully. Maybe the back of her brain would help out with something, meanwhile.
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