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Feb. 15th, 2009 03:28 am
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Immediately after this. Horus is [personal profile] har_si_ese.

Hathor couldn't do as much as a mortal as she should be. She saw enough to know that if she had the power she once used to, she could just reach her hand and stop the shift in energy, break or staunch the link between the two. Or try to pull the other presence into the body in her arms, rather than watch it happen... or try to happen, the other way around.

Ellen, however, wasn't able to do so.

She exerted as much energy as she could, trying to hold on to the presence beside her, trying to shield him from the one which was staying further and further above, stretching the link. All she could put forward, though, was like a mote of presence against the mass of what was happening, and maybe it was just the increasing distance that slowed it, stopped it.

And maybe the familiarity of her presence, tiny as it was, attracted attention, confused, slowed... the uncontrollable flow that Heru's essence was at the moment.

In any case, the drain didn't happen completely.

She stumbled out of the elevator, the man's body propped against her, limp. "Please... stop a cab? It'll be faster than calling an ambulance, right now..." The attendant stared at her for a moment, but he could tell it was not fake so he scampered out as she made slow but determined steps out.


Heru was... lifeless, but alive. The being of him was very dim, but it wasn't draining any further, just pulsing slightly. Not enough for awareness, not nearly strong enough. But distance was helping.

If that is so, I can provide distance...

She waved the questions aside, but did take the physical aid of the man so that they could get to the taxi sooner, get away sooner. She gave her mother's address to the driver, then wrapped her arms around the slender man with her, letting him lay against her, and her fingers caressed his too-cold forehead while she was trying to think. (She hadn't been the strategist even at the height of her power. But she could follow well enough. She had to think...)

Item. Years ago, the woman whom she hadn't even managed to see had located and performed a spell to restore Heru to his full state of godhood.

Item. There was Heru, in possession of his full powers... but not his full personality.

Item. The woman had collapsed - Ellen gathered, to need life support and nurses - shortly thereafter.

Item. A part of Heru was still with Akana Bahur. The two parts... were connected (of course!) and the part they'd left behind wanted to be merged with the rest of him - which the part she'd talked with didn't seem inclined to want. Possibly which was why Heru had started getting sucked in, rather than the other way around.

Conclusion... the spell had gone wrong. Heru was broken in two, and the effort seemed to be slowly killing the woman who had performed it
And Heru couldn't be allowed near that house again, not until they could assure that it would result in his merging right and healing, rather than... She shuddered, and her arms tightened around her unconscious companion.

That meant... that she couldn't know more until she had the spell. So. Leaving Heru somewhere - at her mother's - and coming back for the ... book, did he say? His words ran through her head again. A book. An old one, about the history of her family. She would find it. Then?

Distance. Somewhere to learn about the spell, to see what might have been wrong. The further away the better, something prompted her, and she could work more at peace at her place in Monterey - so she resolved to fly back there as soon as she had it. Ellen loved her mother dearly - but oh could she ever be nosy.

And oh could this ever be dangerous.

She knew she would probably need help. The spells... weren't her forte. But she had no idea who was even...

Heru had mentioned Anubis.

Anpu. If I can find him, he can help. Probably even Heru can help, as soon as he wakes up.

If he wakes up.

When he wakes up.

If he... wanted to help with what had to be done about him.


Ellen's mother was, as expected, at home. She got frightened at the sight of the lifeless form that one of the neighbors was helping her daughter carry into her flat, but Hathor was at ease putting her fears to rest, with quiet confidence that she wasn't feeling. She left the still form of her husband-lover-beloved-betrothed in the bed in her own old room, which had enough things in it that ... well. He would probably recognize that if was her room, no matter how disoriented he awakened, should that happen. Yes, it was a modern room. And still it had items that she would surround herself with, and he'd know.

She told her mother to let him rest, unless he asked for something. And if he did ask... she was going to return with it, soon, and he should wait for her there.

Retrieving the book... now that was something to tackle carefully. She wondered if whatever Heru had used to bind the attendant and the nurses to his will could outlast her trip here and then back, then decided not to risk it. Sitting on the computer for half an hour, she dug for as much information on Akana Bahur as possible, then drafted up a credible story on why she could, or should, be there. Then she headed back.

It wasn't that difficult to wait out a moment when the attendant at the building's entrance was otherwise occupied; so she made her way inside. The familiar presence was stronger than before, but it still wasn't complete, and if she really concentrated, she imagined she could feel a very thin sliver of a thread, heading out in the direction of her mother's place. She wondered if that link had been there before, too tiny for her to notice, or did it form when they came that close to each other...

Persuading the nurse into letting her in wasn't as difficult as she suspected it would be, which made her wonder if the spell on her wasn't still working somewhat but at any rate, she was inside, and with free enough hand to search. It had been a key moment of the whole endavor... and it worked. Good.

The next part was also simple, even if not entirely easy. All she needed to do is shut out the presence that pulled at her awareness with a painful, majestic familiarity - and then listen to the quieter thrumming of power around the place. The same sense that lets her, when employed at another level, deal with problems at her parties before they happen, the subtle binds that hold things together, in relation to one another. Louder with people, quieter with things, but still there. An old book, Heru had said. And old things, she knew, were like hubs, collecting that power in networks that were wider than those of newer items.

Of course, the apartment had its fair share of antiques. She even smiled, recognizing Heru's choice, here and there, regardless of how obvious - or oblivious - he had been in Ms. Bahur's life. But items that were visible she could sort out easily enough. That left four locations that were possible for concealment. She checked them all systematically.

The book was at the bottom of an old safebox, along with a couple more tidbits that almost nobody would think precious enough to merit being locked up - which was why, when the box had been opened up to remove the valuable contents to a more secure location for safekeeping against her heirs probably, they, including the book, had been left here. Lucky me.

Hathor leafed through the volume till she found it, her fingers tracing over the familiar images, piecing together the meanings, the power of just following it along sending a reverberation through her body.

Definitely this one.

She closed the book, rose. Placed in her bag. She should get away, get back home to him.

But instead she slipped quietly into the room where the woman she'd never seen in her life was ... sleeping. The nurse by the bedside was drowsing off, and so the uninvited guest stepped closer, unchecked. Nearer to her... nearer to him. She tried to extend herself as far out, as clearly, as she could.

He noticed her, a bit. As in, the unconstrained fluctuation in him paused a bit, and he acknowledged her. Reached out for her even. Not quite as eagerly as the embodied Heru had - and yet undeniably, too.

She tried to radiate a little bit of peace and calm, at him. Limited and mortal, she couldn't do it right, the way she shold have been able to. And yet, she fancied she helped a little. Not that a spirit like Heru's could really bear being imprisoned. But she did bring comfort. Don't be ridiculous. If you've been trapped in that for years, any familiar face, or feel, would be welcome.

Still. She stayed nearby for a few minutes. (After feeling his arms around her, not that long ago, and feeling his lifeless form against her, chilled, it was distintcly odd, like this.

I want him whole. She'd always choose that, so long as there was a chance for him.

His chance was in figuring out that spell, though.

She turned away and made her way back quietly. A new attendant's shift had started downstairs, so she didn't even have to stand qestions of how she got in, or how her 'boyfriend' was, after his apparent collapse earlier.
All the better.

... Heru had not awakened, when she made her way home. She hated that.


It took Hathor some ingenuity and the help of several of Ellen's friends to fly Heru back to California. But it also happened without great delays.

She laid him down in her room, her concern taking shape in surrounding him with what would make sure he was comfortable, now and when he woke up. The bed was firm, if soft, and the room warm. There was constant music from her disc player, and it was hard-found but genuine reproduction of music from olden times, close enough to their times. She'd already arranged the room to look as what she would be living in, a long time ago, for her own comfort. True, there were no attendants ready to do one's every bidding, but still.

She was positive that he wasn't growing weaker, but the strengthening was very slow.

And so she worried. And took care of the body, inasmuch as that was required (an immortal's body. The body which she knew far less than his previous one, but still well enough...)

If he should wake when she wasn't there, he would find enough to comfort him and keep him from disappearing - whenever he could. Information, written so that he could read it. Convenience, so he would rather stay.

But she didn't wander away for too long either. Even if she wandered away, to get things, or try to find somebody to help her, or to figure out what had gone wrong with the spell on her own, her steps led her back to this room soon enough. Most probably, she would be there when he awakened.

She hoped so. So that she would know how much damage that encounter had done to him. So that she would know how urgent it was to get the sundering undone.

So that she would be close to him again.
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