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After this and this.


It had been a long time since they had been in any way together, down this wheel of controlled and uncontrolled births and deaths and lives and deeds. And it had been even longer since he'd looked at her with his eyes. Since any of them had.

But he was back now. Truly back. And while she didn't know yet how or why he was so... it meant that he would stay around, no matter what, and she was glad about that part.

And yet... the conversation with Set had worried her for Heru, somewhat. Their conflict was of very long standing; so was Heru's position on top of things. Trying to somewhat change both? For the lord of order? Seemed strange. And why now?

And then there was the fact that he was staying close to her. Close enough for her senses to brush past him, the familiar presence warming and dear; and yet... not approaching to talk to her much. It was another reason for curiosity. And possibly concern.

So it was that when she sensed his return nearby, she wrapped up what she was doing (preliminary talks about her starting her doctorate in Linguistics...) and wandered. In the general direction of the heart of his Presence. She didn't even know if he was visible now or not - but she approached anyway. More opening herself to him than actively calling him.
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